Hello Rob,
I hope this finds you in good spirit. i want to congratulate you upon making it to 2011 and that the festive season was full of happiness and joy and I hope that this year too brings moreblessings in your life. I am by the names of Robert Mukiibi (Tendo’s brother), aged 25 years and currentlyin england for my further education. I too among other siblings is a brother to Tendo Kasoma Maria who recently went through a surgery with the help of the company you head as MD.

My mother Mrs. Christine Kasoma always asked me to try and get in contact with you right from the start of your charity towards giving Tendo a chance to live again.I never seemed to get hold of James not until i skyped with him today minutes before i write to you. I would like to thank you and your Organisation and who ever put in any funds towards achieving its mission. I have read about it since i was told of it.GIFT OF LIFE INTERNATIONAL has changed many lives including mine.my sister gets to live with hope in our hearts again.I even have not met her yet. I would like to acknowledge that your company made a big contribution to the life of this innocent being. may be i should say i feel like i got another home full of hope and joy. I know you will welcome me. And trust me, you are family.

I would like to call you some day and maybe have chat and mainly to thank your human nature to continue in this kind of ministry with another chance in life. I also would like to keep in contact with you and probably will in the near future look forward taking part in the organisation in any way that i can. I would life to end this with best wishes in this new year and may the Lord bless you and your committeee who have made this possible.And may you continue to do the good work..i believe that many are tourched in different ways through your services.

Wishing to hear from you soon

Robert Mukiibi