Thank you to Chain of Hope who sponsored Destiny’s surgery and Gift of Life International who sponsored the passports and visas. Below is the testimonial from Destiny and his family. 

In only two days after surgery, Destiny was already active

We, the family of Isaac, Mercy, Praise and Destiny, would like to thank you sincerely from our hearts for the support you have given to us during the hard time we have been facing when Destiny was sick for 6 years with a heart defect.

We felt restless, worried, lonely, troubled, sometimes crying, etc., but above all you stood with us to bring joy and happiness to us.

You toiled, struggled and sacrificed holistically at all costs.. sincerely, words cannot express our heartfelt gratitude, but the words are “THANK YOU”.

A handwritten letter from Destiny

Destiny Aita’s story is like the verses John 5:1-15 (take note of: verses 5-9), God used you to do such work in the life of Destiny.

Destiny in the ICU

We are continuing to trust God for Destiny’s future and to love what has been done to him at this tender age. He will live to declare his testimony in the land of the living. We took Destiny to a check up recently, and he is doing well according to the doctors. We believe in total healing.

Only God can reward you and bless you continuously. Remember, blessed is the hand that gives than the one that receives. God says He will bless those who bless you and will curse those who curse you. May God replace all that you sacrificed in His way to you, because during this time we looked up to the mountains, hills and to all corners. We asked where our help would come from, but our only help came from the Lord, our God, who makes the heavens and the earth.

Our prayer for you is that God should not only stop at blessing you, but also to bless your children and the next generations to come on your lineage on this earth. May your name be mentioned in every household and your coverage of areas of operation. Let the coming generations know about you, your family and what you have done to us in God’s presence. May God enlarge your territory, may no evil overcome you, may the next generations be blessed because of what you have done. Only with your eyes will you see the rewards.. be victorious where promotions, protections are due. May you be remembered by God. God should bless the works of your hands. AMEN.

Destiny united with his family back in Uganda