Boroka Palfi

Boroka Palfi

Here is the picture of Boroka Palfi from Transylvania. She is 7 years old, the youngest of three siblings. Her father is a reformed pastor and university professor. She would not live long without your help (a heart surgery) that she WILL receive next week, thanks to you. Since she can”t do it, I would like to say Thank You on her behalf!

Dear Governor Miklos,

Every year Gift of Life International (GOLI) picks a country for their “Our hearts are in” program. This includes sending 30-40 kids from that country to all over the world for life saving heart surgery. They send the kids out on the same day.

I would like to ask you if GOL Hungary would take/save one kid from El Salvador where the program is held this year. I told GOLI Executive Director Rob Raylman that I will ask you weather you would want to receive an easy, low cost case in Hungary. The cost of the surgery and airfare would be paid by GOLI NOT the Hungarian Rotarians. The Hungarian Rotarians would take care of the rest. The child and parent could stay at the Ronald MCDonald house and could be chaperoned by Rotarians. This would give a cost paid way to gain an other wave of publicity and financial support for Rotary and GOL Hungary!

Additionally I would like to ask your permission to invite Rob Raylman, the Executive Director of GOLI to your District Conference at the end of May. Rob is the one who administers the different GOL programs throughout the world.

Thank you! Best regards,