Austin Paul

Austin Paul

The Rotary Club of the Bronx and Pelhams was most pleased to sponsor the surgery of Austin Egberuare. A bright and happy three old, Austin came to America with his mother Gloria. They were the guests of host family Meg Charlop and Richard Powers. Here is an account provided by the Rotary Club: Our Gift of Life child, three-year-old Austin, successfully underwent cardiac surgery and a second surgery to repair his diaphragm, both at Children’s Hospital at Montefiore.

His R&R (in this case, rest & recuperation) included visits to the Bronx Rotary Club and the Norwalk (CT) Maritime Aquarium — where he saw a variety of fish, sharks and seals. As with all children, however, his favorite part by far was the Coast Guard helicopter where Santa was delivering Christmas gifts. A visit to the gift shop finished off the trip, where he chose a penguin t-shirt, ball and stickers. Austin’s follow-up medical examination on December 2nd was so good that his return trip to Nigeria was moved up to this past Saturday, December 5th.

While Rotary Club of the Pelhams is disappointed that the earlier departure date means they will not have the opportunity to visit with Austin and his mom as planned, the important thing to remember is that the purpose of Gift of Life is to provide a child with the life-saving surgery unavailable to them in their home countries, and to return them as quickly as possible to their home, family and friends. This is therefore another successful case, and we wish Austin a long and healthy life. Austin’s mother Gloria thanks you all for the Gift of Life you have given to her son. Her appreciation extends to their host family, the members of Bronx & Pelham Rotary, who co-sponsored Austin, and the Gift of Life chair and supporters.

Austin Egberuare is a three-year old young boy brought from Nigeria to Montefiore Children’s Hospital for his surgery. Austin was brought to New York, along with his mother, Gloria Ifcoma, by the Rotary Club of the Bronx and Pelhams. During his several week stay, Austin and his mother were hosted by Megan Charlop and Richard Powers.

Austin’s surgery took place on November 16, and went very well, according to his doctors and his mother. Rotary members joined Gloria, Austin’s mother, during the six hour surgery to help ease her concerns. After his surgery, Austin returned to his host family’s home to rest and heal. Several weeks later, he was able to travel back to his home in Nigeria and reunite with the rest of his family. Thank you all over there.  May God bless you all for the way God is using you all over there to give hope to the hopeless.  May God continue to be with you all in Jesus” name.  Amen.

I was afraid to open my mail not to see…  but I can now open the box to tell you all I love you all after hearing from my son Austin Junior, he is my life my wife can tell of that. The good God will not leave you all, He will be with you all in all your endeavors.  Words aren”t enough to express my appreciation to you all.  How I wish I am there to hug each of you for the Gift of Life to my family. I will begin to make preparation to come down to see face to face these wonderful people who has giving me my life with the help of God.  I say May God bless you all. My best regard to my greatest mum PDG Gilda C., the  lovest of love to Meg Charlop who with my son on computer I say you are too much God has good things for your store. Sky is the limit to your endeavor.