Alexander’s Mother Gives Thanks

Alexander’s Mother Gives Thanks

Greetings from the heart!

First of all I want to extend to you and your group my sincerest thanks and apology.

Apology because its only now I sent you the email because I don’t usually open my email because we do not have enough source.

My heartfelt thanks to you and your group for giving my son a chance to live a normal life. I always thank God for hearing my prayers and send someone who could be His instrument to fulfill my heart desire. In this lifetime, I would never ask for anything in this world but to see my family live a normal and happy life. I always pray for you and your group and Ms. Cynthia of Rotary Club of Makati West and group to be blessed always and may you continue to fulfill your goals and purpose in life.

Thank you so much for giving attention to us. I will always remember and pray for all of you. My words are not enough to let you know how thankful I am. When I gave birth to my son Alexander, I was really happy because at last after 6 years of waiting for our second child there he is. Then 1 day after I gave birth he had a fever. When I ask the pediatrician if it’s normal for a new born baby to have a fever he said that it’s not and advised us to bring Alexander to the nearest hospital. We brought him to public hospital in Makati and he underwent a series of tests. Then all the result was normal except for one…. the resident doctor told me that she can hear a murmur in my son’s heart and gave me a schedule to see them again with the pediatric cardiologist. I was in shock because why my son needs to see a pediatric cardiologist? Does he have a heart problem? When we come back to the doctor after 2 months, it was confirmed and he was diagnosed as VSD patient. I felt devastated and broken for my son. From then on I was very careful with his health and I always wanted to make him happy. All the follow-up check ups were done and the free vaccines from our community were grabbed because I know that it would be very expensive completing all the vaccines he needs plus the fact that he has G6PD. We were extra careful. Sleepless nights for me. Whenever he is sick… I always cry but I know I need to be strong for him. Until one night on 2016 January, I surrendered everything to God and ask Him to lead me. After that I never expected anything from anyone because I believe in God’s plan for me and my Alexander and that plan He has for us led us to You. Thank you so much.

As a mother, I’ve been through a lot of pain but I never give up because when God started to lead the way going to the direction He wants for you, the ending will always be perfect. Why I am telling you all this is because aside from my family who is imperfect but will always be perfect for me…. leading us to your group is one of the perfect things that ever happen to us.

Thank you so much for hearing me… for giving us the chance.. for recognizing my Alexander. Thank you and God Bless you more and more.


Sincerely yours,

Mother of Alexander