Akam And Sara

Akam And Sara

Dear All,
Here are the updates of Akam and Sara:

Akam did very well this past week. He left the hospital last Saturday and had an appointment with Dr. Kal on Tuesday, who gave him the clearance to go home. Akam and his mother happily left this morning on an RJ flight back to Suleimaniya.

Sara is also doing really well. She had an appointment last Thursday and today with Dr. Kal to ensure she’s maintaining excellent condition. Sara and her grandmother Beebee will fly out tomorrow morning back to Najaf. Her parents are finally relieved that she’ll finally be coming home.

Attached are pictures throughout the week. Last Friday we (Saif, Lina, and I) went with Sara and Beebee to get yummy Gerards ice cream then off to the park in beautiful, sunny weather. We also saw Akam at the hospital, who immediately bonded with Saif! We were jealous. He insisted on feeding Saif from his sippy cup, chocolate, car keys, fingers, whatever else Akam could put in Saif’s mouth. And Saif, who is thinking of becoming a pediatrician, is absolutely great with kids! We should all encourage him in this path!

Enjoy the pictures! Thank you. Miss you all, tons,



Dear Manal and GOLA’s doctors, members, Rotarians, patients, families, and all friends,

Thank you so much Manal for the update, and the very happy news of the discharge of Akam and Sara. This a moment calling for real celebration and thankfulness to the Almighty, all the Surgeons (from abroad and from Jordan), Doctors, nurses, GOLA members, Rotarians, visitors, and supporters, without whose help the fourteen successful heart-operations of this season wouldn’t have been possible.

Thanks Manal and Lina for these lovely pictures that reflect great joy and an optimistic look to the FUTURE.

Warm cordial regards.
Samir Carmi
H. Secretary
RC Amman-Petra