Healing Little Hearts in Jordan.

Country of Focus.

Gift of Life Amman has been providing hope to Middle Eastern children with heart disease since 2007. Over the past 4 years, Gift of Life Amman has partnered with Gift of Life Indiana, Riley Children’s Hospital, Chain of Hope UK and Al Khalidi Medical Center in Amman to provide hope to hundreds of children from Jordan and throughout the Middle East.

In an effort to increase our impact in the region, Gift of Life International has developed new partnerships with hospitals, NGOs and Like-minded Partners in the region. We look forward to providing care to many more Middle Eastern children in need of cardiac interventions. 

Accomplishments to Date:

430 Children Treated
$ 670K Invested
11 Missions Conducted

Focus in 2021:

Supporting surgical visits to Al Khalidi Medical Center and the University Hospital which will provide care to children from Jordan, Palestine, Iraq and United Nations Syrian Refugee Camps.


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Impact of Your Donation


Could provide regular exams following surgery


Could provide medicines needed to ensure a healthy recovery


Could provide 6 months of nutritional assistance prior to surgery


Could provide one year of nutritional assistance following surgery