Healing Little Hearts in India.

Country of Focus.

Gift of Life India has a rich tradition. Currently, there are Gift of Life affiliate programs in Mumbai, Delhi, Delhi South, Vijayawada and Cochin. These programs cumulatively help nearly 500 children every year. The use of Rotary Global Grants is a very important component of delivering these services to the children with heart disease in India. These programs have continued to provide care to children with heart disease throughout the global pandemic. 

Accomplishments to Date:

2,023 Children Treated through GOLI partnerships (2016-2021)
$1.4M Invested
5,000+ Children Treated by Indian GOL Programs since 2005

Focus in 2021:

Gift of Life International will continue our partnerships with Indian Gift of Life affiliates to maximize the number of Indian children treated as well as children from other countries where cardiac care is not available.

Gift of Life in Other Countries

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Impact of Your Donation


Could provide regular exams following surgery


Could provide medicines needed to ensure a healthy recovery


Could provide 6 months of nutritional assistance prior to surgery


Could provide one year of nutritional assistance following surgery