Our Hearts Are In Uganda

A Global Initiative Sponsored by Gift of Life International

The Program

Gift of Life International has a deep connection with the country of Uganda.  One of the most salient reasons is that the first-ever Gift of Life child was a 5 year old Ugandan girl. 

Gift of Life International implemented this program in 2009 when we provided treatment to 66 Ugandan children at 25 Gift of Life affiliated hospitals in 13 countries. This effort provided global awareness to the needs of children in Uganda with heart disease and also provided care to many children on the waiting list.
Over the past 5 years, we have worked with Dr. Craig Sable of Children's National Medical Center. Dr. Sable, a pediatric cardiologist, has been working in Uganda for the better part of the last decade and has helped to screen hundreds of children. Along with Dr. Sable and his team, two other highly-respected training teams have become GOLI strategic partners and committed to developing the program at Uganda Heart Institute: The Riley Hospital for Children led by pediatric cardiac surgeon Dr. Mark Turrentine and Chain of Hope UK led by world-renowned pediatric cardiac surgeon Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub. These training teams have been rotating missions for the past two years and have developed a coordinated training program for the Ugandan Team.

Our program has provided the following support to the Ugandan Surgical and Aftercare team:

  1. Enabled the treatment of over 350 children
  2. Acquired over $200,000 USD in essential equipment, supplies and medications
  3. Coordinated 8 training visits to the Uganda Heart Institute in Kampala
  4. Negotiated with the Ugandan Government a Memorandum Of Understanding stipulating to pay the Uganda Heart Institute $500,000 per year to operate on 100 children
  5. Created the Gift of Life Uganda to support the ongoing efforts of the doctors and nurses at the Uganda Heart Institute

Our goal in 2014 is to provide treatment to over 150 Ugandan children with heart disease.


If you would like to help empower Ugandan doctors and nurses to care for their own children, please consider the following levels of support:

  • Following their surgery, sponsor a child on the nutritional assistance program for one year:  $500
  • Fund a lifesaving closed heart procedure at the Uganda Heart Institute: $1,000
  • Fund a device for use in an interventonal catheterizaton procedure at the Uganda Heart Institute: $2,500
  • Fund an open-¬≠heart surgery at the Uganda Heart Institute: $5,000

Our Strategic Partners In The ‘Our Hearts Are In Uganda’ Program

  •     The Countess Moira Foundation
  •     NECO
  •     Dr. Craig Sable Of The Children's National Medical Center
  •     Chain Of Hope UK
  •     Riley Hospital For Children
  •     Gift Of Life Rotary District 6560
  •     Gift Of Life Rotary District 5340
  •     Rotary District 9200
  •     Rotary Club Of Kampala North
  •     Rotary Club Of Kajjansi
  •     Rotary Club Of Kampala West
  •     Gift Of Life Rotary District 7490
  •     Rotary Club Of Lafayette
  •     Rotary Club Of Greenfield
  •     Rotary International
  •     MOGAS
  •     The Ugandan Government
  •     The Uganda Heart Institute – Mulago Hospital
  •     Gift Of Life Uganda
  •     Rotary Club Of The Pelhams