Akam and Sara

Dear All,
Here are the updates of Akam and Sara:

Akam did very well this past week. He left the hospital last Saturday and had an appointment with Dr. Kal on Tuesday, who gave him the clearance to go home. Akam and his mother happily left this morning on an RJ flight back to Suleimaniya.

Sara is also doing really well. She had an appointment last Thursday and today with Dr. Kal to ensure she's maintaining excellent condition. Sara and her grandmother Beebee will fly out tomorrow morning back to Najaf. Her parents are finally relieved that she'll finally be coming home.

Attached are pictures throughout the week. Last Friday we (Saif, Lina, and I) went with Sara and Beebee to get yummy Gerards ice cream then off to the park in beautiful, sunny weather. We also saw Akam at the hospital, who immediately bonded with Saif! We were jealous. He insisted on feeding Saif from his sippy cup, chocolate, car keys, fingers, whatever else Akam could put in Saif's mouth. And Saif, who is thinking of becoming a pediatrician, is absolutely great with kids! We should all encourage him in this path!

Enjoy the pictures! Thank you. Miss you all, tons,



 Dear Manal and GOLA's doctors, members, Rotarians, patients, families, and all friends,

Thank you so much Manal for the update, and the very happy news of the discharge of Akam and Sara. This a moment calling for real celebration and thankfulness to the Almighty, all the Surgeons (from abroad and from Jordan), Doctors, nurses, GOLA members, Rotarians, visitors, and supporters, without whose help the fourteen successful heart-operations of this season wouldn't have been possible.

Thanks Manal and Lina for these lovely pictures that reflect great joy and an optimistic look to the FUTURE.

Warm cordial regards.
Samir Carmi
H. Secretary
RC Amman-Petra


Alexander Parra

Aortic valve repair on Tuesday April 28th, walked out of ICU on Friday may 1st

"Frank, this child is dying.. we have to operate",.. Rodrigo Soto, ICHF volunteer cardiothoracic surgeon from Santiago de Chile said to me on wednesday in the first week of the ICHF mission - I went to see him - and indeed he was - Alexander Parra, who had been in hospital at Arturo Grullon for 6 weeks had deteriorated to the point where he could barely sit up in bed, he required constant oxygen, his heart was failing and his lungs were filling with water - a condition called pulmonary oedema.

I went to see alexander in the PICU and was presented with a child in terminal heart failure. His Aortic valve was leaking and obstructive and this caused his left ventricle to dilate, and function poorly. As a result of the heart failure Alex was breathless, his lungs were filling up with water and Alex could barely talk - as he was coughing around 10 times every minute. Unable even to lie down to rest Alex was truly in a bad way.

Alex had first come to the attention of the ICHF team when a resident had asked the team Cardiologist - Nicholas Correa and Surgeon Dr Soto to review an Electrocardiogram, (EKG), on seeing the EKG both immediately said - "where is this child - this is ischemia.. " what they saw was an electrical trace that showed that the heart muscle itself was beginning to be starved of oxygen and die - The local doctors had expected Alexander to die soon, and he was not initially on the list of patients to be reviewed. ..

In discussion with the ICHF team specialists it was decided that surgery in this state may be urgent - and may be necessary - but would be of extremely high risk. The operation necessary was planned to be a Ross operation, a replacement of the Aortic valve with he patients own pulmonary valve , and a implantation of an artificial valve - this is a high risk operation in any child, but in a child with end stage heart failure the risks were far higher. It was decided that it would be better to try to improve Alex's condition prior to surgery - if possible - to reduce the risk. Aditionally for the Ross operation a special conduit (tube) is required and this had to be donated and shipped from the US - and was not due to arrive for a few days, Alex was therefore given higher doses of medicine to remove the fluid from his lungs, and was commenced on two continuous infusions of medications to support the cardiac function. One of the medications, Milrinone, proved to be the key - this is not a cheap medicine - and it is not available in the hospital - but was brought with the ICHF team (as with each mission). Alexander the next day was coughing less, and after 2 days later - on friday - he was smiling, coloring in bed and eating again - it was decided to contnue with the Milrinone for the weekend and wait till monday or tuesday for the surgery.

6 weeks ago Alexander was admitted to Arturo Grullon with Congestive Heart Failure and deep vein thrombosis, a blood clot in the leg. He was very tired all the time. Throughout this time Alexander, when asked how he was - would reply "fine". His mother describes how he is a "very easy boy to care about:" Alex won the hearts of all those who came into contact with him during his stay in hospital . When the staff at Artiuro Grullon (Inerns, Nurses, Residents and attending doctors) heard that the ICHF was prepared to work on Alexander their joy was a sight to behold" . Alex's family is extremely grateful - but all the hospital feels blessed and grateful that Alex was given a hot at getting better.

Alex is from Santo Domingo - but there is no facility to do this type of surgery - on children of poor families without insurance in Santo Domingo. - As with the vast majority of children operated on at Arturo Grullon - they have no social security coverage and can pay little or nothing for their surgery. Since the start of the programme at Arturo Grullon , supported by the ICHF - 721 children from poor families have received operations or catheterizations to correct heart defects.

Alex had his surgery on Tuesday 27th April, Dr Soto and Dr Heredia were able to repair Alex's aortic valve - he did not need the higher risk Ross operation - and the operation was a complete success.

On hearing the news that valve did not need to be replaced motger said.. "you are all a miracle "

Prior History
Alexander 7 year old, nearly 8 years old (19th May) boy from Santo Domingo- 2 hours from Santiago. Lives with his mother, grandmother, father and a 10 year old Brother.

In september 2008 Alexander had a high fever,and was taken to hospital , breathing hard and he was diagnosed with a problem with his aortic valve.

Preoperatively Alex was in great distress and increasingly unable to exercise, and would tire easily - since November 2008 Alex's activity was limited to short walks to the toilet, was not able to play with his friends, and the week before surgery Alex could barely breathe..

When asked about his home life - the family described how he loves cats. Enjoys house chores, especially washing the dishes. He likes cartoons and if his mother is not around he 'sneaks a peek) to watch the "Novelas" (soap operas)

With tears filling her eyes Mother said..
"I am very grateful for everything. Thankyou so much, you are angels who gave my son a second chance at life. Wherever I am I will defend you all against everything.. thankyou - god bless you all"

When asked about her hopes for the future "Help Alex to get better. I want him to get better. Hopefully he studies hard and is a good man"

Interview by Miguel Echevarria
5th year intern medical student at Arturo Grullon Hospital for Ninos

Story and photos by Frank Molloy

Amela Zadeja

In 2003, Amela Zadeja, then a nine-year old girl from Albania, was sponsored by the Rotary District 7230 of the Bronx, and received surgery at the Maria Fareri Children's Hospital at Westchester Medical Center. Amela's case was brought to the attention of the Rotary by the Albanian American Women's Organization.

Amela's surgery was a great success, and recently, Amela sent the Rotary District a note expressing her thanks.

Hello, I"m Amela Zadeja. I"m in the seventh grade now. I"m very healthy thanks to you. Thank you very very much for all your help 3 years ago. I learned how to speak, write, and read in English. I like to play outside and watch television. God Bless You!
Love, Amela

Angel Jose Fernandez

A 2 month old baby boy from Santiago de Los Caballeros, Cibao Region, Dominican Republic, was the first surgery of the April 2009 mission to Dominican Republic, and can be called a lucky child. As the ICHF team (from Chile, UK, and USA) arrived on 18th April, Angel had been, just two days before, admitted to the Intensive care unit with severely enlarged heart and increasing shortness of breath.

At 15 days of age, Doctors at Arturo Grullon had diagnosed Angel with Coarctation of the Aorta - an abnormality of the main artery to the body - that obstructs blood flow to and puts great strain on the heart muscle, resulting in increasing breathlessness, a fast heart rate, and progressively weakening heart function. In countries with fully developed pediatric cardiac surgical services, such babies have an operation as an emergency as soon as the baby is diagnosed. Without treatment, - death within days or weeks is the certain outcome.

6 weeks after diagnosis, as the ICHF team arrived - due to the love and care of Angel's family, and the treatment by the doctors at Arturo Grullon, Angel had gained weight to a level almost comparable with healthy babies - but was running out of time - he was given emergency drug treatment to support the strength of the heart muscle and scheduled as the first operation of the mission on April 20 2009.

Angel lives with his mother and father, a 5 year old sister and a 10 year old brother

In conversations with Angels mother, 4 days after the surgery as Angel is feeding and almost ready to go home - we learn that Angel had since birth been having severe respiratory problems, would gasp for air and his abdomen would move up and down as he struggled to breathe Since the diagnosis, Angel's mother told of the daily worry and stress in seeing her baby so sick, and how she put faith in God and is so grateful that her Angel now has a chance to grow up as a healthy boy

When asked if she had anything to say to the team at Artutro Grullon, the ICHF volunteers and Sponsors who made the surgery possible Angel's mother was crying tears of joy. throughout her answer.....
"I am very very grateful and in eternal debt with everybody who was part of this process to save my son's life.. these people have done something for me which I could never pay back and they will be in my prayers always... "

The family lives in Cien Fuego ("One Hundred Fires") - a very poor neighborhood of Santiago, and like the vast majority of children seen by the team at Arturo Grullon the family are very poor and have no prospect of being treated in the USA or in any private hospital in Domincan Republic

Congenital heart disease occurs in about 1 in every 100 children born worldwide,and Coarctation is a type of heart defect representing about 1 in 20 these - thus about 1 in every 2000 children born in Dominican Republic, and worldwide, will have this heart defect.

The ICHF estimates that in Dominican Republic around 700 new children every year are born who will require cardiac surgery. A third of these, having serious defects like Angel - will die before three months of age. Currently, in 4 mission trips a year, the iCHF is assisting the Doctors at Arturo Grullon to do around 100 surgeries a year, and with continued support - and the planning of a new hospital - it is hoped that the local team will be able to do 2-300 surgeries a year independently within 2-3 years.

Interview by Miguel Echevarria
5th year intern medical student at Arturo Grullon Hospital for Ninos
Story and photos by Frank Molloy
Operated April 20, left ICU april 22, home April 24

Austin Paul

The Rotary Club of the Bronx and Pelhams was most pleased to sponsor the surgery of Austin Egberuare. A bright and happy three old, Austin came to America with his mother Gloria. They were the guests of host family Meg Charlop and Richard Powers. Here is an account provided by the Rotary Club: Our Gift of Life child, three-year-old Austin, successfully underwent cardiac surgery and a second surgery to repair his diaphragm, both at Children's Hospital at Montefiore.

His R&R (in this case, rest & recuperation) included visits to the Bronx Rotary Club and the Norwalk (CT) Maritime Aquarium -- where he saw a variety of fish, sharks and seals. As with all children, however, his favorite part by far was the Coast Guard helicopter where Santa was delivering Christmas gifts. A visit to the gift shop finished off the trip, where he chose a penguin t-shirt, ball and stickers. Austin's follow-up medical examination on December 2nd was so good that his return trip to Nigeria was moved up to this past Saturday, December 5th.

While Rotary Club of the Pelhams is disappointed that the earlier departure date means they will not have the opportunity to visit with Austin and his mom as planned, the important thing to remember is that the purpose of Gift of Life is to provide a child with the life-saving surgery unavailable to them in their home countries, and to return them as quickly as possible to their home, family and friends. This is therefore another successful case, and we wish Austin a long and healthy life. Austin's mother Gloria thanks you all for the Gift of Life you have given to her son. Her appreciation extends to their host family, the members of Bronx & Pelham Rotary, who co-sponsored Austin, and the Gift of Life chair and supporters.

Austin Egberuare is a three-year old young boy brought from Nigeria to Montefiore Children's Hospital for his surgery. Austin was brought to New York, along with his mother, Gloria Ifcoma, by the Rotary Club of the Bronx and Pelhams. During his several week stay, Austin and his mother were hosted by Megan Charlop and Richard Powers.

Austin's surgery took place on November 16, and went very well, according to his doctors and his mother. Rotary members joined Gloria, Austin's mother, during the six hour surgery to help ease her concerns. After his surgery, Austin returned to his host family's home to rest and heal. Several weeks later, he was able to travel back to his home in Nigeria and reunite with the rest of his family. Thank you all over there.  May God bless you all for the way God is using you all over there to give hope to the hopeless.  May God continue to be with you all in Jesus" name.  Amen.

I was afraid to open my mail not to see...  but I can now open the box to tell you all I love you all after hearing from my son Austin Junior, he is my life my wife can tell of that. The good God will not leave you all, He will be with you all in all your endeavors.  Words aren"t enough to express my appreciation to you all.  How I wish I am there to hug each of you for the Gift of Life to my family. I will begin to make preparation to come down to see face to face these wonderful people who has giving me my life with the help of God.  I say May God bless you all. My best regard to my greatest mum PDG Gilda C., the  lovest of love to Meg Charlop who with my son on computer I say you are too much God has good things for your store. Sky is the limit to your endeavor.

Boroka Palfi

 Here is the picture of Boroka Palfi from Transylvania. She is 7 years old, the youngest of three siblings. Her father is a reformed pastor and university professor. She would not live long without your help (a heart surgery) that she WILL receive next week, thanks to you. Since she can"t do it, I would like to say Thank You on her behalf!

Dear Governor Miklos,

Every year Gift of Life International (GOLI) picks a country for their "Our hearts are in" program. This includes sending 30-40 kids from that country to all over the world for life saving heart surgery. They send the kids out on the same day.

I would like to ask you if GOL Hungary would take/save one kid from El Salvador where the program is held this year. I told GOLI Executive Director Rob Raylman that I will ask you weather you would want to receive an easy, low cost case in Hungary. The cost of the surgery and airfare would be paid by GOLI NOT the Hungarian Rotarians. The Hungarian Rotarians would take care of the rest. The child and parent could stay at the Ronald MCDonald house and could be chaperoned by Rotarians. This would give a cost paid way to gain an other wave of publicity and financial support for Rotary and GOL Hungary!

Additionally I would like to ask your permission to invite Rob Raylman, the Executive Director of GOLI to your District Conference at the end of May. Rob is the one who administers the different GOL programs throughout the world.

Thank you! Best regards,

Dariel de los Santos Torres Teveras

4 year old boy

Operated on 22nd April 2009 for aVSD - a hole between the two main pumping chambers of the heart. This defect causes too much blood to flow to the lungs, making the heart have to work harder to supply blood to the body - and if untreated will result in increasing disability, frequent respiratory infections and terminal illness in adolescence or early adulthood.

2 years ago the family were first told that Surgeons would be coming to DR and that he would have chance of getting the operation he needed. Due to the numbers of children need in surgery in the Santiago area Dariel was not able to receive surgery until now - although intermittently sick there were many other children who were sicker. Children with this type of hear defect frequently will suffer from frequent respiratory infections which can happen with increasing frequency if the heart defect is left untreated.

In conversations with Dariel's mother we were told how Dariel's heart defect caused him to become heavily congested when he acquired a cold.

Daniel lives with his grandmother, and 17 year old and 20 year old siblings. Her hobbies are her pets and the family animals - chickens , roosters and a dog. Daniel's mother described her hopes do the future were Health and everything that God wants to shower on their family

When asked if she had anything to say to the team at Artutro Grullon, the ICHF volunteers and Sponsors who made the surgery possible
I am very grateful to everybody that has helped my child.. I have no words to describe the emotion I feel right now... may god bless them always.(all said with tears in her eyes)

Operated April 22, walked out of ICU April 23, home April 25

Interview by Miguel Echevarria
5th year intern medical student at Arturo Grullon Hospital for Ninos

Story and photos by Frank Molloy

Estephany Arrayo Santiago

aged 7, the youngest of the children

Lives in the Moca, in the Cibao Region 1 hour away from Santiago. First diagnosed when she was 1 year 5 months old. Operated on 22nd April 2009 for an ASD - a hole between the two collecting chambers of the heart. This defect causes too much blood to flow to the lungs, making the heart have to work harder to supply blood to the body - and if untreated results in increasing breathlessness, frequent respiratory infections, inability to participate in normal activities and risk of death, stroke or cardiac infection or problems in pregnancy in early adulthood .

First knew they were going to have surgery 15 days before. Specific problems caused by the heart defect - was well and had not yet had any complications resulting from her heart defect, but would be limited in physical activity as she grew older. Stephany lives with her parents, 14 year old brother and 10 year old sister. When asked about hobbies and activities - Stephany said she REALLY loves to study. Stephany wants to become a model when she grows up,and her mother just wants a healthy daughter (and probably grandchildren).

When asked if she had anything to say to the team at Artutro Grullon, the ICHF volunteers and Sponsors who made the surgery possible. Thank you for giving me back a healthy daughter, I will never forget what you have done for our family.

Operated April 21, walked out of ICU April 22, Home April 24

Interview by Miguel Echevarria
5th year intern medical student at Arturo Grullon Hospital for Ninos

Story and photos by Frank Molloy

Frandy de Jesus Martinez

11 months - from Santiago

When first diagnosed with heart defect 15 days after birth, mother had notices she was blue since birth but the Doctors at A.G. diagnosed her two weeks later.

When did they know they were going to have surgery 1 month after birth the parents were told about the foundation and the possibility of being treated by the ICHF and Corazones de Cibao. What problems did this heart defect cause (affected participation in sports, school activities, breathless or blue). Born cyanotic (very blue) and she became easily congested and had difficulty breathingBrothers and sisters other family - who lives in the house. She has an older sister 11 years old. home nucleus is both parents and both children.

What are their hopes for the future?

They want their child to get better. They were told their child need to have surgeries. They want the chance to have their son treated but they want other patents also to have this second chance...

Do the family have anything to say to the team at Arturo Grullon and the volunteers and sponsors who made the surgery possible.

"May God bless them all. Keep on doing the wonderful things you do . From the bottom of our hearts thank you... Keep traveling the world and giving hope to parents everywhere.. "

Mother: (crying and unable to speak)

Frandy de Jesus Martinez - operated 22 April, left ICU 23rd April

Interview by Miguel Echevarria
5th year intern medical student at Arturo Grullon Hospital for Ninos

Story and photos by Frank Molloy

From the GOL East Florida Director Phil Lustig

It is May 25th and after months of planning, negotiations and some frustration we at last had an arrival date and time for our latest Gift of Life child. Marie Chandrika from Trinidad is arriving today with her mom Radha at Miami International Airport

I picked up Radha and Marie at Miami International Airport early this afternoon. Also on board this flight was District 7030 PDG Leslie Harripaul who was coming to Miami for a surgical procedure of his own. PDG Leslie is head of Gift of Life Trinidad and was instrumental in getting all the arrangements made for Marie and Radha at his end. As soon as they cleared customs we were off to Joe DiMaggio Childrens Hospital (JDCH) in Hollywood. When we arrived at JDCH we were rushed through the admission process and were escorted up to the Pediatric Heart Station. The people at JDCH in the Heart Station area are unbelievable. What a fantastic group of caring and concerned nurses and technical people. I stayed with Radha and Marie while Marie was having her echo done. The folks from the unit were to take Marie and her mom over to The Conine Clubhouse and get them settled in for the night. When I left at about 3:20 the plan was for Radha to have Marie back in the unit at 6:30 Wednesday AM for her cardiac cath and for an echo under sedation. The surgery was scheduled for Thursday AM and I was going to ask if anyone could go down to JDCH to sit with Radha while Marie was in the OR. Shortly after I got home I received a call from the hospital – the plan had changed! The surgery had been pushed forward and would take place early Wednesday AM.

Early Wednesday morning my wife, Peg, & I went down to JDCH. We were there in time to see Radha hand Marie to the nurses for her operation. We stayed with Radha until Marie was back in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). Seeing a helpless baby (or more accurately almost not being able to see the baby because of all the tubes, hoses, wires, leads, and machinery) is rather frightening. I had warned Radha about this because the 1st time one encounters this it literally can take your breath away. Radha called her husband Nigel to tell him the operation had been completed and was a suc cess.

On Friday I was able to spend some time with Radha and Marie. Marie was in some pain but the doctors had already started taking her off the pain meds and were in the process of removing some of the wires, leads, hoses and tubes.

Saturday (yesterday) Peg and I went to JDCH with Zee Aganovic, President of The Rotary Club of Boca Raton Sunrise. The Sunrise club was very generous with a large gift to our GOL program. We spent over an hour alternating who was in the PICU with Marie and Radha. The initial plan had been to take Radha out to lunch but she wanted to stay with Marie while she was awake – and she was fully awake. Her condition was VASTLY IMPROVED! Almost all the leads, wires et al were gone, her smile has returned and she was trying to get down off Radha's lap to run around. We were all amazed!

I just got off the phone with the nurses station at the PICU and with Radha (12:30PM Sunday). AGAIN THE PLAN SEEMS TO HAVE CHANGED! Yesterday they discussed releasing Marie on Monday. After rounds today the date may have moved until Tuesday? As I have said in earlier posts this is a "day-to-day" decision based on the patient's condition.

I have attached some photos Peg took yesterday of Marie and Radha is the PICU. I will be going down to JDCH in the AM to talk with the Drs. And see if we can get a "hard date" for Marie's relea

Gabrielina Sosa

1 year 8 month from San Francisco de Macoris a town about 2 hours outside Santiago

Was diagnosed with a heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot at age 15 days.One month after she was born the family heard about the ICHF visit and was given great hope because of this and strength to deal with the situation.

The heart defect caused her to be blue in her lips and nails and whenever she cried she lost her breath, mother saw this many times and though she was about to stop breathing and collapse and would have to "jump" her to get her to breathe. This kind of attack is common with this heart defect, and called a "hypercyanoytic spell" - frequently children turn very blue - precipitated by crying - but caused by a spasm of the artery taking blood to the lungs - the blueness is very distressing , even painful for the child, and makes them cry more - during which time they do not breathe as well and become bluer. - eventually collapse can happen if they are not calmed out of the spell. Aside for medicine and cardiac surgery - this is one type of heart defect where a mothers love can truly save a life.

Brothers and sisters:
Family lives with Maternal Grandmother (the "Abuella") , 3 years old sister, 9 year old sister and 5 year old sister.

Hopes for the future:

"I want my child to recover and I want her to experience life . I also want the other children who were operated on to get better"

Do the family have anything to say to the team at Arturo Grullon and the volunteers and sponsors who made the surgery possible.

(Holding back Tears) "Keep on living . May God give you a long and fruitful life.. they gave my baby a new life... you know (crying) . God bless them always.. "

Gabriella Sosa, operated wednesday 29th April, left ICU thursday 30th April.

Gabriella will need a further surgery is 6 moths to a year - which will be her final operation - but as the ICHF team vists Arturo Grullon 4 times a year this will be facilitated at the optimal time

Interview by Miguel Echevarria
5th year intern medical student at Arturo Grullon Hospital for Ninos

Story and photos by Frank Molloy

Jorge Crispin

1 year 3 month old boy who was diagnosed at 1 month and 20 days with a VSD, a hole in the heart.

Initially it was planned that Jorge would have surgery at age 2 years, but Dr Juan Ramirez saw that Jorge would need earlier intervention and told the family that an ICHF team would come and repair his hart at an earlier stage.

On investigation with the ICHF team it was discovered that Jorge had an additional,. more serious defect - a "window" (hole) connecting the two main arteries from the heart. This results in similar but more severe symptoms than that caused by the VSD, but puts children at an early age at higher risk of a severe and potentially life threatening lung disease called pulmonary hypertension. If the heart disease is treated early enough this disease will reverse - or not occur in the first place.

In conversation with Jorge's mother we learned that although he had had difficulty breathing and seemed tired all the time - as this was their first child she had no way of knowing what "normal" was. At age 1 month and 20 days Jorge contracted pneumonia. He would stop breathing for long periods and turn blue, he was taken to hospital and it was at this time that the initial diagnosis of a VSD was made

Jorge is an only child and lives with mother and father

Jorge likes to watch cartoons ,like other children his age, walk with a walker - and loves to smile, break the kitchen cabinet and get into "trouble".

The family's hopes for the future are simply that he grow up as a healthy buy first and foremost. They want him to then grow up to be a man who serves God and is thankful for the second chance he is given. They would like him to be involved in some profession.

When asked if she had anything to say to the team at Artutro Grullon, the ICHF volunteers and Sponsors who made the surgery possible:
"Thankyou for the bottom of my heart. God Bless your hearts and minds. Thank you"

(at this point mother stopped talking mid sentence because she could not control her joy and happiness

Operation on Monday April 20, left ICU friday April 24..

Interview by Miguel Echevarria
5th year intern medical student at Arturo Grullon Hospital for Ninos

Story and photos by Frank Molloy

Maranathalie P. Balitaton

Dear Sponsors,
On behalf of all the parents and children who became part of all your sponsorship our deepest gratitude. We are very much thankful that there are institutions like GOLI, GOLP and RCMW who helped us for the pda operation of our beloved children. In return expect us that we will take care and love more our kids as our means of giving importance to the sponsorship we received from all of you. We would also like to thank the NCH - social service, all the doctors, nurses, staff, who are part of this great mission . May God continuously bless you all...many more fruitful years of serving the needy people. Advance Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

Sa aming mga puso"y
kami"y may kagalakan
Sa sponsorship
kami"y napagkalooban
Buhay ng aming mga anak
ngayo"y may katiyakan
Lumba"y naibsan
may kapanatagan
Aming pasasalamat sa
lahat ng kinatawan...

Very truly yours,
Mrs. Maricar Balitaon


My Dear Friends,

I hope that everybody are very well and in this Christmas you have enjoyed them of a lot of peace and together love friends and That the new year is full of benedictions and successes for each one of you. Maria is very well and in the school she has a lot of friends and is the group's leader, she loves dance and music, she is a very affectionate girl though a little naughty also, she is growing more beautiful each day and thanks to God and to you Totally healthy.

In this days a very big sadness invaded to my family, my grandfather who is 94 years old is sick with cancer, it has been a big ache for all us. In my work and with my husband I am ok thanks to God, and we will put several you put for this year. Do not forget that you are always in our prayer and your live in our hearts. I am sending some by post it is a small example that the things of my country

We love you a lot and send A big huge Kiss.
Maria and Monserrath

Maria Benitez

I hope that all you are very well and that this New Year is full of benedictions and big achievements. They have past already two months from last time that I wrote, and the life continued his course, My small daughter finally began to the school, in the fist with a few of problems in her adaptation. There are 12 children are in his course from Monday at Friday with 4 hours daily, and they also have music, English and many interesting topics more.

My life is ok and I still continue in my job in which I can eat to lunch with my husband and Maria, In the afternoon Maria is cared by while my husband and me come back to work again. I wanted like them one of very special way the Recognition for 7500 Gift of Life Rotary District That give me, you do not know the big honor and the big emotion that I felt Thanks a lot for this big proof of fondness for me . God always blesses you.

I send you some pictures of the first day Class of Maria and of the Christmas program in her school. Remember that we love you so much and miss you a lot, kisses for all you and a very special for my favorite president MARY we love you.

Do not forgive us and to write,
Monse And Maria Benitez

Medical Intervention Provided to Yuvraj Manoo

Words cannot adequately express our profound thanks and deep gratitude to the Roxbury Rotary for putting all arrangements in place for the medical care of our eight year old son, Yuvraj Manoo, who was awaiting for some time the completion of an urgent and complex third phase "Fontan" procedure At a time when it was proving difficult to do so, you took up this case and ran with it until a reputable and willing medical facility was found.  

Our growing anguish and despair finally gave way to great relief with the long awaited good news that a hospital has finally accepted the case. The marathon 12-hour surgery in particular and subsequent recovery in the ICU were quite tense days for us. We shall forever be thankful to Dr Henry Issenberg and his miracle team in particular Dr Sevro Sett at the Maria Fareri Children's Hospital of the Westchester County Medical Center, NY. All arrangements to take care of mother and child at the hospital were excellent.

Our sincere thanks and gratitude go out to our gracious host Mr Sam Maddali and family for making our stay comfortable and for their great support throughout our stay.  Airport pick-up, accommodation, hospital visits, transport and other incidentals were excellent. We could not ask for more. We were fortunate to have such a resourceful person as Ms Carol Delia at our side. She provided great support, both emotionally and otherwise. We say special thanks to trustee and founding director, Mr Allen Feehan and all those at Roxbury Rotary for making this a reality.

May you continue this noble humanitarian work in touching and enriching lives in a big way.

Sincerely Yours,
Kissoon & Sheila Manoose.



Hello Rob,
I hope this finds you in good spirit. i want to congratulate you upon making it to 2011 and that the festive season was full of happiness and joy and I hope that this year too brings moreblessings in your life. I am by the names of Robert Mukiibi (Tendo's brother), aged 25 years and currentlyin england for my further education. I too among other siblings is a brother to Tendo Kasoma Maria who recently went through a surgery with the help of the company you head as MD.

My mother Mrs. Christine Kasoma always asked me to try and get in contact with you right from the start of your charity towards giving Tendo a chance to live again.I never seemed to get hold of James not until i skyped with him today minutes before i write to you. I would like to thank you and your Organisation and who ever put in any funds towards achieving its mission. I have read about it since i was told of it.GIFT OF LIFE INTERNATIONAL has changed many lives including mine.my sister gets to live with hope in our hearts again.I even have not met her yet. I would like to acknowledge that your company made a big contribution to the life of this innocent being. may be i should say i feel like i got another home full of hope and joy. I know you will welcome me. And trust me, you are family.

I would like to call you some day and maybe have chat and mainly to thank your human nature to continue in this kind of ministry with another chance in life. I also would like to keep in contact with you and probably will in the near future look forward taking part in the organisation in any way that i can. I would life to end this with best wishes in this new year and may the Lord bless you and your committeee who have made this possible.And may you continue to do the good work..i believe that many are tourched in different ways through your services.

Wishing to hear from you soon

Robert Mukiibi