The Children of Gift of Life International

The heart and soul of Gift of Life International is the children around the world who today are afflicted with heart disease and do not have care available to them.  Over 5.5 million children are born each year with a congenital heart defect while 94% of them do not have access to treatment.  Too many live in despair without hope for help.

Over the past 4 decades rotarians, healthcare professionals and volunteers have worked to provide hope to more than 18,000 children from 71 countries on 5 continents.   

We remain diligent on keeping focused on the next child that needs our help.

Gift of Lift Has Provided Life-Saving Surgery To Children From These Countries

Afghanistan Azerbaijan Belize Bolivia
Brazil Burkina Faso Cambodia China
Colombia Cote d'Ivoire Dominican Republic East Timor
Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Ethiopia
Galapagos Islands Georgia Greece Guatemala
Guinea Guyana Haiti Honduras
India Indonesia Iraq Ireland
Italy Jamaica, W.I. Jordan Kazakhstan
Kenya Kosovo Lebanon Liberia
Malaysia Mexico Mongolia Morocco
Nicaragua North Korea Pakistan Palestine
Panama Peru Philippines Poland
Portugal Romania Russia Serbia
Sierre Leone South Africa South Korea Sri Lanka
St. Kitts Syria Tadjikistan Tanzania
Trinidad and Tobago Uganda Ukraine Uzbekistan
Venezuela Vietnam Yugoslavia Zaire
Zambia Zanzibar Zimbabwe