Healing Little Hearts in Zambia

New Program

Gift of Life International is honored to partner with Gift of Life Southeast Asia, African Vision of Hope and the Nkwazi Rotary Club GOL Program to provide hope to Zambian children with heart disease. Sadly, these children do not have access to cardiac care in their country of birth. It is only through global partnerships that these children are able to receive the care needed to heal their little hearts.

Accomplishments to Date:

20 Children Treated
$ 124K Invested
127 Children Screened

In 2018, We Will Focus Efforts on:

During the August 2017 screening mission, 57 children were examined within 3 days. Of these children, 29 have been identified as needing care. Our 2018 focus will be to provide them treatment as soon as possible through our global network.

Please click here to view our 2018 Zambia ReportĀ 

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Impact of Your Donation


Could provide regular exams following surgery


Could provide medicines needed to ensure a healthy recovery


Could provide 6 months of nutritional assistance prior to surgery


Could provide one year of nutritional assistance following surgery