Healing Little Hearts in Kosova

Country of Focus

Sadly, children in Kosova who are born with heart disease have no access to cardiac care.

Over the past five years, four screening missions have been conducted to Prishtina, where children are placed and prioritized on a  pediatric cardiac waiting list for treatment.

Accomplishments to Date:

94 Children Treated
$200K Invested
4 Screening Missions Conducted

In 2018, We Will Focus Efforts on:

Through our global network, we are healing little Kosovar hearts one at a time while there is no option for care in their country of birth. GOLI affiliate GOL Kosova helps with logistics and follow-up of each child.


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Impact of Your Donation


Could provide regular exams following surgery


Could provide medicines needed to ensure a healthy recovery


Could provide 6 months of nutritional assistance prior to surgery


Could provide one year of nutritional assistance following surgery