El Salvador

Healing Little Hearts in El Salvador

Core Program

The pediatric cardiac program in El Salvador has shown tremendous progress over the past seven years. The number of children treated annually continues to increase, as does the complexity of cases operated and recovered by the Salvadoran team.

As a result of the mentorship of world-class medical teams, the Salvadoran healthcare professionals have increased their skill level and are now able, in most cases, to treat children with heart disease independent of a visiting team.

Accomplishments to Date:

1,527 Children Treated
$4.15M Invested
30 Training Visits Conducted

Focus for 2018:

Empowerment of Salvadoran doctors and nurses to provide care on a sustainable basis, increasing the capacity of the program with the addition of the new, dedicated cardiac ICU

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Could provide regular exams following surgery


Could provide medicines needed to ensure a healthy recovery


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