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We provide hope to children with heart disease.

We provide HOPE to children with heart disease and their families, EMPOWER doctors and nurses to treat children in their country of birth, build SUSTAINABLE pediatric cardiac programs in emerging countries and expand our global reach through PARTNERSHIPS with like-minded organizations, maximizing our impact.

We transform the lives of children with heart disease and their families by coordinating the collaboration of 82 autonomous Gift of Life programs in 79 countries across 5 continents with like-minded partner charities, hospitals, healthcare professionals, Rotarians and other volunteers to develop sustainable pediatric cardiac surgery, catheterization and aftercare programs in emerging countries.

Hope in
the Middle East

Healing Little Middle Eastern Hearts

During 2016, we extended our reach to provide hope to children in the Middle East. Working in collaboration with our Rotary partners and like-minded organizations in Lebanon, Jordan and Israel, GOLI has helped to provide lifesaving cardiac care to Syrian, Iraqi, Lebanese and Jordanian children through our global network. By showing love and compassion to children of this region, we provide care that would not otherwise be available while promoting world peace at a time when it is so desperately needed.

Sustainable Pediatric cardiac centers.

Our strategy remains focused on the development of sustainable pediatric cardiac centers of excellence and the empowerment of doctors and nurses to treat children in their country or region of birth. Together with our like-minded partners, we are creating such centers in Uganda, El Salvador, Jamaica and Romania, helping to ensure that reliable care will be provided to children in Eastern Africa, Central America, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe.

Nutritional Assistance.

Helping to ensure children a healthy future.

We believe that to truly impact the life of a child with heart disease, we must not only heal his or her heart but also help to ensure them a healthy future. Nutritional assistance programs in El Salvador and Uganda help to ensure each child treated receives proper nourishment to support recovery and healthy growth.

Humanized Care

Compassionate Patient and Family-Centered Care

Humanized Care Programs provide patient and family-centered care for parents, children and healthcare providers as they cope with the stresses of heart surgery. With compassionate care in the hospital setting, families will leave with an experience of competency and resilience enabling faster and easier recovery.