Legacy and Core Programs

Legacy and Core Programs

Legacy Programs: Uganda and El Salvador
Core Programs: Jamaica and Romania.

In 2009, we developed a strategy to increase the number of children we are able to help every year.  The creation of Core Programs maximized our capacity to treat more children. Within these Core Programs was the mandate to strategically develop sustainable pediatric cardiac programs and regional centers of excellence. A criteria for selection was established. To be considered a Core Program, all four criteria must be met. 

A Gift of Life International Legacy Program is a Core Program which succeeded. The Legacy Program designation acknowledges that a pediatric cardiac program has the full backing of its government and hospital, the team has been fully trained, equipment and facilities have been dedicated for use solely by the program and that they are now regularly and sustainably treating their own children.

3,657More than Children Treated
89 Training Visits Conducted
$10.85M Invested


GOLI created a strategy to focus on developing sustainable pediatric cardiac surgery, aftercare and catheterization programs in select countries through the empowerment of local healthcare professionals.

Core Program Criteria for Selection:

  • Supportive and invested government
  • Motivated and involved hospital administration
  • Established pediatric cardiac surgery program
  • Existing in-country, non-governmental organization to support the program

Impact of your Donation


Could provide regular exams following surgery


Could provide medicines needed to ensure a healthy recovery


Could provide 6 months of nutritional assistance prior to surgery


Could provide one year of nutritional assistance following surgery