• The Global Crisis.

    With approximately 1.3 million children born each year having a heart defect and knowing that 93% do not have access to cardiac care, our goal is to make this lifesaving care available to children everywhere.

  • Our Legacy Programs.

    Uganda and El Salvador

    Legacy Programs are Core Programs which have succeeded and now have support from the local hospital and government, have a fully trained team and a dedicated facility with state-of-the-art equipment solely for program use.

  • Our Core Programs.

    Jamaica and Romania

    In 2009, the creation of Core Programs maximized our capacity to treat more children each year by developing sustainable pediatric cardiac programs and centers of excellence in select emerging countries.

  • Rotary and Our Global Impact.

    Gift of Life is a Rotarian-based non-profit organization whose initiatives are supported by 274 Rotary Clubs and 61 Rotary Districts around the world. Rotary Global Grants are a major funding source and help to maximize our impact in providing care to children with heart disease throughout the world.

  • Our 33,000th Heart Healed.

    In October 2018, Daniela from Romania was the 33,000th child to have her heart healed through our global network of caring. Exactly 43 years earlier, the first-ever GOL recipient from Uganda had her heart healed.

43 Years Service
33,268 Children Treated
80 Countries Reached

Our MissionHealing Little Hearts Around the World

Our mission is to provide lifesaving cardiac treatment to children in developing countries regardless of gender, creed, or national origin. Our goal is to develop sustainable pediatric cardiac programs by implementing screening, surgical and training missions which are supported by autonomous Gift of Life programs, Rotary Global Grants and generous donors from around the world.


News. Updates on Hearts Being Healed Around the World

Read the latest news from Gift of Life Affiliated Programs around the world regarding their impact as they work to heal more little hearts in their region.

Story of the Month

February is National Heart Awareness Month. While we continue to heal little hearts throughout the world each and every day, we will focus efforts on Haiti this month. Gift of Life International is proud to work together with Rotarians, hospital administrators and staff from St. Damien Hospital, visiting healthcare professionals from Ospedale Pediatrico Gaslini, Akron Children’s Hospital and Albany Medical Center and like-minded partners Haiti Cardiac Alliance and Friends of Montfort to bring hope to Haitian children with heart disease.¬†We are the only consortium of non-profit organizations currently in Haiti performing heart surgery either on children or adults.

Thanks to a Rotary Global Grant, we will partner with the Rotary Clubs of Verrazano and Port-au-Prince, The Rotary Foundation and several other Rotary Clubs, Rotary Districts and Gift of Life Program contributors to provide lifesaving cardiac treatment to 15 children during our 18th mission to Haiti.

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Program of the Month

Gift of Life International (GOLI) is proud to feature Gift of Life Inc. as our Program of the Month. Gift of Life Inc. (GOL Inc.) is the founding program of our global network and has been instrumental in helping to heal the hearts of more than 33,000 children since 1975. This month, GOL Inc. is a major sponsor of the Rotary Global Grant funding our 18th medical mission to Haiti. GOLI and GOL Inc. are proud to partner with Ospedale Pediatrico Gaslini, Akron Children’s Hospital, Haiti Cardiac Alliance, St. Damien Hospital, GOL New York, GOL Northeast Ohio, GOL Long Island, GOL 7505 Foundation, Rotary Clubs of Verrazano, Algiers, Port-au-Prince, Rotary Districts 6960, 6840, 7980 Interact, The Rotary Foundation and Friends of Montfort as we heal little hearts in Haiti. We are the only consortium of non-profit organizations currently in Haiti performing heart surgery either on children or adults. Without us, these children have no hope of receiving treatment. Thank you to Gift of Life Inc. for your love and dedication to the children of Haiti and around the world. Please enjoy additional reports from Haiti missions trips here.

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Humanized Care for Medical Staff, Families and Children

Compassionate Patient and Family-Centered Care

Caring for children in a medical setting is best practiced with the collaboration of all members of the team, including families, doctors, nurses, occupational, respiratory and physical therapist, and other medical staff. For all, it is the provision of sensitive and empathic child and family services. These can create safety and comfort as children are separated from families, encounter medical procedures, and stay in strange environments.

In this collaborative style of treatment, it is equally important that staff are also helped to develop self-care methods. This training enables them to understand and relieve the emotional stresses that arise for them in their settings, and to more effectively identify and support some of the emotional and social needs of the families and children in their care. Mindfulness, Meditation, Guided Visualization for stress reduction, Coherent Breathing, and music are some of the strategies introduced and practiced.

For additional information, please watch this video.

Impact of Your Donation


Could provide regular exams following surgery


Could provide medicines needed to ensure a healthy recovery


Could provide 6 months of nutritional assistance prior to surgery


Could provide one year of nutritional assistance following surgery